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Your boarding pass reveals more information than you think

If you are careless and reveal your boarding pass to your friends on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, you are revealing your personal information as well. Krebs on Security, a cyber-security firm, explained this week how the barcodes found on boarding passes can be easily used by anyone to obtain your private information.flight-boarding-pass-ticket

“What’s happening is you’re putting it out there because of you scanning or taking a picture on Instagram of your boarding pass, or you’re leaving it behind,” said travAlliancemedia CEO Mark Murphy.

So while posting pictures of your airline boarding passes on online social media sites like Facebook, Instagram may seem harmless to you, it actually is. Many people unknowingly share their boarding passes on social media. What these people don’t know is that hackers can easily use the little barcode on the boarding pass to obtain your personal information like your home address, phone number and in some cases your age just by scanning it on a smartphone camera.

A barcode “may allow someone to discover more about you, your future travel plans, and your frequent flyer account,” Krebs states in his blog.

This security vulnerability is a needed reminder to social media users to be careful about what they post on their social media profiles. Cyber-security experts have advised people not to post their boarding pass pictures anywhere online as it can be easily used by hackers.

Your boarding pass reveals a lot more information about you than it’s printed on it. You may not worry about them after the flight, but you certainly should, because you’re compromising your own private information. So next time you travel anywhere, it would be a good thing to shred the boarding pass and not post any picture of it anywhere.

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