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Apple MacBook Pro 2015 vs Microsoft Surface Book: Which is better?

When it comes to premium laptop computers, the only one that comes to mind is Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) MacBook. Until now. Apple’s MacBook finally has a worthy competitor/alternative now. If you’re not living under a rock, you must have heard about Microsoft’s new Surface Book laptop. With the launch of Surface Book, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is directly aimed at the Apple’s MacBook series.microsoft-surface-book


Apple MacBook series undoubtedly sports a simple yet chic design, the reason you see mostly Macbooks on TVs. MacBook Pro weighs just around 4.5 pounds. But make no mistake as Microsoft’s new Surface Book will be feature a very low profile with just 7.3mm thickness and 1.6 pounds weight. Although Microsoft has upped the aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean the machine compromises on power department as Surface Book packs a whole lot of power.(More on that in a minute)


This time around, Microsoft has especially taken care of the display and the 13.5″ inch display on the Surface Book is quite impressive to say the least. While Microsoft has not revealed any information about the display resolution at the event, but it will feature 267ppi pixel density. So Surface Book’s display will indeed be sharper than a MacBook Pro as the 15″ MacBook Pro’s retina Display sports a pixel density of 220 ppi.



MacBook Pro currently features a dual core Intel Core i5 processor with a clock speed of 2.5GHz and option for dual core i7 with 2.9GHz clock speed. While Microsoft hasn’t talked about the specs at the event, it will feature an Intel processor and an NVIDIA GeGorce GPU. Microsoft has claimed that the new laptop is twice as fast as Mackbook Pro and “the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made.” If that’s the case, Surface will surely be groundbreaking device.


The most important feature of the new Surface Book is the detachable keyboard. This means you can use the device both as a powerful laptop computer as well as a tablet. Apart from standard features like backlit keyboard, Microsoft also claims the laptop to have ‘best in class’ keystroke.


So Microsoft’s Surface Book is better than the MacBook Pro in almost every department. But when it comes to Operating System, Mac OS users will disagree here and for the right reasons. While Surface Books is more powerful than MacBook pro on paper, the device will get a reduced period after a time as Windows OS is known for getting viruses etc. On the other hand, Mac OS consistently gives a secure and slick performance.


The Microsoft Surface Book will begin at $1,499 which is $250 more expensive than the 128 GB 13″ MacBook which costs $1,235.


Microsoft Surface Book is no doubt a powerful and great laptop. The biggest feature of the new laptop is its ability to work both as a laptop and a tablet. However, Apple fans are know to be much loyal to the company, and its devices+OS.

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  1. a laptop that can't even close properly…..

  2. Viruses?! have you used a windows machine in the last 3 years? I've had more viruses on my macbook pro.

  3. also, it has a touch screen.

  4. This article is a disappointment. For weight you are comparing the 15 inch macbook pro with surface book and not 13 inch macbook pro. Secondly, you are wrong about viruses, windows is very stable, and we have been using multiple windows machine and have yet to got single virus.

  5. The viruses are down to the individual user. Most "viruses" on windows is people installing junkware on their machines. Real viruses are patched on the first Tuesday of every month. Whereas with Apple, the viruses usually remain open for exploit for months after they are found and released on the internet.

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