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Google Chromecast 2015: A Quick Review

Upgrading Google Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) older Chromecast to a new model of Chromecast will not only provides you a good experience, but also worth your money. Chromecast 2015 is a well-build upgrade from the search engine giant, and which blows your minds, while using it.google-chromecast-2015

Chromecast, a smart device which acts as a gateway between the smartphone and Tvs. User can connect the device with their television and broadcast their mobile to their TVs. Similar to Chromecast previous model, 2015 Chromecast model acts a medium to transfer the content from the cyber world to the user’s living room.

While comparing the previous version of Chromecast, the current build is ultra-fast in terms of processing and also transferring the contents.

What makes Chromecast 2015 much better?

  1. The previous version of Chromecast looks alike a wifi-dongle, which grabs power from the same port, where it is connected. The 2015 model of Chromecast comes with a round-disc-shaped build, and it also comes with a mini USB port for power. Users can give additional power to the device via additional plug point, or else through the vacant HDMI port present in the TV.
  2. The latest version comes with Wi-Fi 802.11ac, which enables the users to use the same internet they were using in their home.
  3. The loading time for loading the Chromecast is considerable reduced, while comparing it to previous versions. After connecting the device to the television, the user can easily control the video playback and volume control, which will be an additional advantage for them.
  4. New updated Chromecast Application will turn your television entirely into a new device. The new application is specially designed for the latest 2015 model and if you don’t have the latest model of chrome cast, updating the chrome cast application is not worthy.
  5. 1080p Full HD: Chromecast 2015 works fine with full HD video in the television, without producing any sort of lag in the video playback.

Finally, adding $35 extra cash will brings you speedy playback and additional color variations for the device. If you want faster Chromecast, you can buy the device. Else, you can stay with your older Chromecast.

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