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Updated privacy policy by AVG suggests it can sell your (non-personal) data

With all the hue and cry about privacy of the users, AVG’s new privacy policy will certainly make you think twice. The security firm has clearly stated in its new privacy policy that they hold all the rights to track you and then they can very well sell the data to make money. According to the statement by AVG Security, the firm tracks only the non personal data and it cannot be linked to the user by any means. The non personal data include the applications you use, the devices’ brand, etc.Updated Privacy policy by AVG stores your data and searches

According to the statement by AVG, the security firm does not store data that identifies you. All the data stored, is used to create anonymous profiles, so as to ensure that nothing can be traced back to you. The updated policy also states that AVG tracks your cookies, which in turn will help them to track the kind of searches you make.

The data stored by the security firm will be sold to other organizations as a statistical data and AVG will make money out of it. Although this sounds quite rash, but this is precisely what the updated Privacy policy by AVG states.

With the innumerable instances this year and in the recent past, AVG’s decision to store data and sell it is quite a questionable one. An AVG spokesperson has stated in this regard that this feature of storing data is not a mandatory one. In fact, the users will have all the rights to switch the feature ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, according to their wish.

The new privacy policy will take its effects on 15th October, 2015 and you will have to decide whether you want to share your details with the Security firm or not.

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