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Refreshed Samsung NX300M camera is first to run on Tizen OS

Been on sale few weeks ago, Samsung NX300M 20.3-megapixel smart camera was the first device to run the Tizen OS, confirmed by the company at the recent developer summit at Seol, South Korea.


Despite the start of the sale, no one spotted the special feature of the camera for long time and it came to light recently that this camera runs on Tizen open-source OS. Most of the Samsung’s smartphones as well as cameras are relied on Google’s Android mobile OS including its recently launched NX mirrorless camera.

Recently, Tizen Indonesia posted about the OS is being ported to Samsung Galaxy S4. Japan’s Systena has already announced a Tizen developer’s kit with a 10 inch tablet. All these things suggests that Samsung is quietly buckling up for the upcoming smartphone series running on latest Tizen 3.0 software, instead of depending on Google for its Android OS.

For further support, Nokia also announced (see the tweet below) its support via its HERE division towards completing the maps-related functionalities for future Tizen devices, which will also make Samsung and its Tizen partners to not to depend on Google’s services for everything.

Refreshed Samsung NX300M camera comes with a 3.31-inch 180 degrees flip-able AMOLED touch display, 20.3-megapixel APS-C camera sensor, 8.6fps continuous shooting, 100-25,600 ISO range, NFC and Dual-channel WiFi with Samsung SmartShare. Regarding the pricing, this gadget is now available for 890,000 won in South Korea, which will be around $839 after converting to US Dollars. The release of this camera in U.S. not confirmed yet, but the NX series with Android might come to AT&T soon.

Tizen project resides inside the Linux Foundation and it ‘s governed by Samsung and Intel together and the Tizen Association, built for Industrial role of the software, includes major companies like Fujitsu, Huawei, Intel Corporation, KT, NEC CASIO Mobile Communications, NTT DOCOMO, Orange, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung, SK Telecom, Sprint and Vodafone . Know more about Tizen at WikiPedia.

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