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Researchers found a breakthrough formula to avoid Alzheimer’s development

A group of University of Florida researchers has alarmed those with a hectic lifestyle that stress may lead to a bigger problem later in their lives. Those with stressful jobs and overburdened work routines are standing at the door of Alzheimer’s.stress-free-alzheimers-patients

Alzheimer’s needs no introduction our very own Ronald Reagan suffered from it. Not all of us are presidential candidates you may argue, but it is a matter of seriousness which should be introspected. If we continue to wave off the stressfulness and keep on overworking during our youth, researchers claim we will be forgetful when we grow old.

Stress increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease says Dr. Golde, who headed this research. Alzheimer’s development is because of a protein produced in the brain, which is initiated because of hormones released as response to stress and tension. The study is currently done on mice and says that the enzyme so produce gives dementia causing Alzheimer’s a boost. We all know this may be a false alarm and would keep on living our lives like this, but I would like to genuinely ask all readers – Are you stressed?

Institute of Memory Impairments and Neurological Disroders reported:

“We have identified how the stress hormone cortisol can play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.  Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced in the adrenal gland in response to times of stress.  In the short term, following a stressful experience, cortisol levels rapidly increase in the blood stream, and its presence is helpful – improving short-term memory formation and adapting the body’s physiology to deal with the situation effectively.”

In any noble pursuit, we get into the race and run to achieve it. But number crunching and targets give us a lot of stress. Most people work for inhumane hours and sleep below the mandatory sleep cycle hours. This is how stress increases and they ruin their mental peace. The brain cells try to deal with stress with a custom mechanism and produce certain enzymes. “These are the root causes of AD,” says the research author and lays emphasis on living a balanced, happy life.

It is therefore necessary to take a chill pill and go on breaks every now and then to relieve yourself from so much stress and discomfort. Healthy lifestyle along with stress reduction could help people age successfully without having diseases.


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