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Rare female pink bottlenose dolphin reappears in Louisiana

Pinky, the pink bottlenose dolphin was first spotted by Capt. Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service in 2007 while he was fishing on his boat. Now, Rue has spotted the dolphin mating two weeks ago, and confirmed that it was a female.pink-bottlenose-dolphin

Earlier, Pinky was swimming only with her mother, but now it either swims alone or with other dolphins. Capt. Rue wonders if the dolphin is pregnant, and what will the color of its dolphin calf be.

Experts explain why Pinky has a unique color among dolphins. They said that either of Pinky’s parents could carry a mutated gene causing its pink color. Capt. Rue told a local news channel that they see her swimming every day in the summertime. Whenever Rue spots the dolphin, he slows down his charter so that people can get a better glimpse of the dolphin.

“I’ve taken tons of pictures of her mating and it proved she’s a female,” said Capt. Rue.

However, this condition also brings poor eyesight due to the reddish tinge in the eyes, increased sensitivity to sunlight and the lack of camouflage. Greg Barsh, a scientist involved in the study of genetic variations in the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, Alabama said that Pinky is likely to be an albino. Barsh added that albino animals are rarely seen in the wild due to the shortcomings.

He added that if Pinky mated with another dolphin with a mutated gene, then the offspring could have half the chance of acquiring the color of Pinky. However, the World Wildlife Find is still clueless about Pinky’s actual species type, but her appearance is likely to be related to freshwater dolphin species called the Amazon River dolphin that has a pink pale skin.

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