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Harvard study suggests a long lunch break for students for healthier intake

Health at schools is quite an important factor to consider as more often than not things to not work out for the kids. The experts also believe that in order to make life at school healthier, the authorities will have to bring in a straighter line of words, which will not just be locked in cute lunch boxes and smiley stickers. Instead, the experts believe that having a longer time period for lunch will in turn help the kids to get a good and healthy meal at school.longer-lunch-break-students

The initial idea was that the schools should be persuading the kids to eat and stay healthy. The ideas involved using the crafty lunch boxes, cafeterias, attractive surroundings around the cafeteria, but it seems that the final solution is to provide the kids with a long break in order to have their lunch properly.

According to a study conducted on 1001 kids from elementary and middle school students around the Boston area, the researchers found that most of the kids required more time to finish off their lunch. And in a situation, where they were given more time to have their lunch, the kids retorted to more fruits as well as more milk in their diet.

“Every school day the National School Lunch Program helps to feed over 30 million children in 100,000 schools across the U.S., yet little research has been done in this field,” said Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard Chan School and the study’s senior author.

According to the statistics, only one out of 6 schools allows the kids to have a proper lunch time. The average lunch time in most of the cases is 20 minutes, whereas the average eating time for various kids is approximately 23.5 minutes ranging from 10 minutes to 33 minutes.

The researchers believe that instead of having an affection with lunch, the schools should be interested in increasing the length of the lunch period. The students will automatically have their proper diet.

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