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Live video-expert advice offered by Google helpouts service

Users of Google Plus can now avail expert advice from Helpouts by Google. The live-video advice covers a range of topics like fitness, technology, cooking, education and many more.


The service named Helpouts, began on Tuesday by taking calls and offering connection to over thousands of instructors, advisers, websites and health care specialists who  had cleared Google’s background checks.

The latest move by Google shows that the company is interested in helping people manage their lifestyle. By starting up as a search engine Google has transformed itself by providing maps and an introduction of a virtual assistant mainly to know the interests of the people and providing helpful tips.

“Helpouts is meant to fill the gaps in Google’s search engine, which sometimes delivers unsatisfactory results because the answers being sought aren’t available on a website” Udi Manber, a Google executive who overlook the service.

Using Helpouts service, people can connect to experts in 8 different categories mainly art and music, computers and electronics, cooking, education  and careers, fashion and beauty, fitness and nutrition, health and home and garden.

The experts can set up their fees with Google share being 20 percent for most of the video chats. users can also pay per session or by the minute and Google has promised a refund if the advice is found unsatisfactory.

Apart from creating revenue for Google, Helpouts will also see a flow of users into Google Plus which currently has about 240 million active users. Google’s early attempt in this type of service where researchers were hired to provide answers on subjects and homework. The service was priced at $2 to $200 per question closed seven years ago.


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