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Mars, Moon and Venus paired beautifully in the sky

Skywatchers and astronomers in the UK witnessed a beautiful spectacle of the conjunction between the dazzling magnitude -4.5 Venus, the waning crescent Moon and planet Mars aligned with each other, early in the morning on September 10, 5.30 a.m. BST.crescent-moon-venus-conjunction

Moon and Venus’ pair lied just two degrees from each other, which could have seen in any typical binocular in the same field of view. Many skywatchers captured the glimpse of the magnificent view on their DSLR cameras as well.

Paul Sutherland of Skymania News has managed to capture the image through his Canon EOS 600D camera and two of its lenses, the 18-55mm standard lens that it came with, and Canon’s 75-300mm zoom. He said:

“Amateur astronomers often record happenings in the heavens to help advance science, such as meteor activity, the changing brightness of a variable star, or the development of a comet’s tail. But this conjunction offered no useful new information – it was just a lovely moment to enjoy.”

On Thursday morning, the Moon was in its 9 percent of crescent phase. Both the Moon and Venus were aligned in a manner that these were visible in any telescope by magnifying it to just 40x (enlarging) as Venus was in a shade over 45 arc seconds. The other part of the illuminated crescent Moon was also showed the orientation of the moon, as shown in the above image by Paul Sutherland.

To be precise, Venus is 34.3 million miles away from the Earth, while the Moon is just around 248K miles away, which is almost 135 times nearer than Venus.

The planet Mars was also visible on the left side of the Moon and Venus conjunction. Mars is around 230 million miles away from the Earth as of September 10.

Image credit: Paul Sutherland, Newsmania

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