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Verizon Communications Inc to start field trials of 5G wireless network in 2016

Verizon Communications Inc (NASDAQ:VZ) has revealed its plans to aggressively focus on innovating the next generation 5G wireless technology in 2016. According to the US’ largest telecommunication company, 5G wireless technology will be available for consumer use by 2020.verizon-5g-wireless-network-plans

Verizon was the first company to introduce 4G LTE networks 6 years ago. The company has partnered with many leading technology firms such as Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Qualcomm and Samsung, and established working teams to research and develop the next-gen wireless technology.

Initially, Verizon will be creating 5G network environments (sandboxes) i its San Francisco and Waltham, Massachusets Innovation Centers. All its partners are committed to collaborate in a shared environment and start field trials in the next year.

“5G is no longer a dream of the distant future,” said Roger Gurnani, executive vice president and chief information and technology architect for Verizon. “We feel a tremendous sense of urgency to push forward on 5G and mobilize the ecosystem by collaborating with industry leaders and developers to usher in a new generation of innovation.”

5G Network is said to be 50 times faster than the current 4G technology with latency in the single milliseconds. The new technology will be built to handle all “Internet of Things” connected devices smoothly, as the IoT is said to be booming gradually.

Verizon is following the innovating, testing and launching ideas of its own, when it had decided to launch 4G LTE network in the US. In 2008, Verizon started testing the 4G LTE technology by creating a 10-cell network “sandbox” around Boston. In December 2010, Verizon Wireless has launched 4G LTE network with 60 major airports and 39 major metropolitan areas covered in the United States.

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