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Google Inc to launch 2 Nexus phones from LG and Huawei

Most of the much awaited smartphones are in line to be launched during the second half of the year. Amidst them, the rumors that have most of the noise till date are the ones revolving around Google Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) next Nexus device. There is no doubt of the fact that Google’s Nexus gets such an overwhelming response from the people, owing to the exceptional features it has. In fact, some people will argue that the Nexus devices and Android are positioned the same as iPhone and iOS.huawei-lg-nexus-2015-google

According to the rumors, Google might just be gearing up to bring in two different Nexus handsets this year. One is expected to be from LG and the other from Huawei. If this turns out to be true, Android fans will have a lot to cheer about this year.

LG’s Nexus is expected to be a successor of LG and Google’s Nexus 5, which is by far one of the most successful Nexus devices. The rumors suggest that LG’s Nexus has been named Bullhead and will be expected to arrive with a Snapdragon 808 processor, a 2700 mAh battery and a display of 5.2 inches. This is all what we know till now.

Coming to the Nexus version from Huawei, a few trusted sources believe that this Nexus model will be hitting the markets sooner. The rumors suggest that the device will boast of a 5.7 inch screen. In addition, Huawei’s Nexus will be expected to have a metallic frame. The device is expected to have a Snapdragon 810 processor coupled with a display of 2560×1440 pixels with a density of 515 ppi.

The rumors also suggest that the device will get an upgraded camera with micro-sensors to give the users a much better image. Although, it is not clear that when the device will be launched and at what price, but the experts believe that it will be during the last quarter of the year.

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