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Scientists have discovered a breakthrough cure for motion sickness

A new research from the Imperial College London, has led to the discovery of a possible cure for motion sickness. A mild electric shock to the scalp, can reduce the impact of mixed sensory inputs, which makes the feelings of nausea go away.motion-sickness

Researchers are developing a device that will connect to a mobile phone, and it will deliver a mild electric shock to the head through electrodes. During the research, twenty volunteers were placed in a “chunder chair,” which is like a twisted fairground ride that spins them round at an angle. A transcranial direct current simulation to the brain could dampen the brain’s responses to motion sickness.

“The problem with treatments for motion sickness is that the effective ones are usually in tablets that also make people drowsy,” said partnering researcher Micheal Gresty.

About three in ten people experience symptoms of dizziness, nausea and cold sweats when they are in high seas or in a rollercoaster. Scientists believe that motion sickness is caused by confusing messages transmitted by the ears and eyes while moving. Study leader Dr. Qadeer Arshad, Imperial’s department of medicine expressed in confidence in mass production of the device in five to 10 years. He said that the device my be similar to TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation) machine that is used for back pain.

The research team is already in talks with businesses for commercializing the device. During the study, volunteers wore electrodes on the heads for 10 minutes. After the treatment, they were less likely to feel nauseous and recovered more quickly. Gresty said they are excited about the potential of the device as it provides an effective measure against sea-sickness. Scientists added that the military is also interested in the device as people feel sick while operating drones.

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