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Google Health search to detail about 900 heath conditions

In February, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) said that they are looking forward to put through various information related to health issues towards its users. According to the reports, the day is not far when the search engine giant will launch its health services for the users. According to the initial statements made in February, Google said that they will let their users know the typical symptoms of various diseases and also put through the basic remedies involved.google-health

The health services from Google will not only include the symptoms or the basic remedies. In fact, they will also tell you what kind of disease as it is, and whether it is contagious or not. It will also tell you the criticality of the disease, including the age at which it affects and the age at which it is highest!

As an extension of the efforts puts in, Google has announced that they have literally doubled their database, allowing its users to take a look at almost 900 different kinds of diseases. Google Inc. stated that “We’re making sure to include neglected tropical diseases, a set of infections that affect over 1.5 billion people, including 500 million children in poorer regions.”

The feature will be available for its users in English but Google plans to make the feature available to its users in more languages in the future. Google has also added a feature wherein the users will be able to download everything about the health condition in details in a PDF format.

Now, the question is how does this feature actually work? Will, that is not a lot different compared to the general searching techniques that we have. All you need to do is type in the statement and the Google Search will find out the relevant hits and arrange the data for you.

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