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Apple Inc’s patent reveals new fuel cell power generator for MacBooks

Soon, Apple MacBooks will be running for long – weeks without recharging its battery as the company has filed a new patent for a fuel cell system that will power its MagSafe charger for MacBooks, and many other potential fuel sources that would be mixed with water has been included in the patent.apple-fuel-cell-system-patent

Magnesium hydride, sodium silicate, borohydride, amine borane complex, compressed hydrogen gas, lithium hydride, a hydrocarbon and compressed or liquid hydrogen are some of the included as potential fuels in the patent application.

The patent application published in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website shows Apple’s new fuel cell system designed to generate power to its MacBooks without external charging for days or even weeks. This new technology is said to be a small internal power source with a negligible weight, however, couldn’t be added to iPhones and iPads as these devices aren’t using Apple MagSafe chargers.

According to the patent application, Apple’s fuel cell system will be packed inside a removable cartridge that could also compatible and work along with any normal batteries. These fuel cells would generate power by mixing oxidizing agents like water and oxygen with fuels like hydrogen. Fuel cells wouldn’t need refuelling once they run out and these systems are long lasting for as long as 3-4 weeks.

Meanwhile, it’s just a patent application, once approved, it will be added to the stack of thousands of patents in the company’s name. It doesn’t mean that MacBooks with fuel cell system will arrive soon. However, it indicates that the company (or any other big tech companies) are looking for an alternate solution for powering the devices or give a longer power backup for their gadgets.

According to the rumors, Apple Inc is said to be partnering with Intelligent Energy to add fuel cell systems into iPhone models, including the current models.

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