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Weekly browser game #1 – Hexel, a mind game by Poki

Mind Games are most addictive games in this globe, which makes you to keep on playing them without your knowledge. Here is one of the top-notch Mind game, Hexel which allows you to increase your IQ level with its excellent game play.hexel-poki

In Poki Games website, the publisher has mentioned as, Slide the dots together to create new colors! Hexel is a spinning variation of 2048. Instead of multiplying numbers, you will transform hues through every part of the visible light spectrum. Beginning with red dots, you must achieve orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple spaces!

The designer has designed in such a way that, the game will suitable for all ages and it will blast your IQ level, while playing the game. The complexity of the game increase respective to the amount of time spent for each game, i.e., complexity directly proportional to the amount of steps you’re making during the gameplay.

The game starts with 19 circles placed diagonally in a hexagon, and the user needs to combine at least three circles to make the circle to merge with each other. The game starts with a red circle, on combining three circles, another color circle will appear on the screen.

The user can keep track of his/her score on the scorecard present in the top left corner of the screen. In the meantime, they can share their score to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In and Pinterest. The more you play, the more IQ increase.

Click here to Play Hexel Game online.

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