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Old psychology studies aren’t reliable, says a new study

Most of the people interested in science look to the most recent studies for the latest updates in our ongoing quest for understanding more. However, according to a new report by the Smithsonian Institute, not all of these studies can be trusted. A recent review published in the journal Science shows that only about 35 percent of the psychology studies published in the year 2008 could be successfully replicated in a lab.psychology-studies-research

The new study found that scientists who re-performed previous researches did not get the same results, even after they applied same methodologies published in those studies. The scientists also worked closely with the authors of these studies.

The team of experts began the project in 2011 with the project’s team leader Brian Nosek from the University of Virginia. The team was comprised of more than 250 researchers and they all determined more than 100 studies published in 2008 from three psychology journals – the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; the Psychological Science and the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition.

“Anyone’s study is not going to be the last word,” said Nosek, the research team’s team leader

Alan Kraut, the executive director of the Association for Psychological Science whose one journal was analyzed in the study, said “It’s like we’ve come clean. This kind of correction is something that has to happen across science, and I’m proud that psychology is leading the charge on this.”

In conclusion, the authors of the new study said that they didn’t mean to say that all the unconfirmed studies are completely wrong. It rather serves as a reminder that concrete answers cannot be obtained by one study alone. So scientists should conduct more comprehensive studies in the future.

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  1. Has our minds changed and they no longer work or were they bogus to begin with?

  2. Thank you science. I always did know that psych 1 and 2 classes were a complete waste of time. In fact those prof's were the wackiest of all encountered.

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