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Uber hired two hackers who remotely hacked Cherokee Jeep

Two security researchers who exposed the vulnerabilities of a Cherokee Jeep, have been hired by Uber to work in its Advanced Technologies Center Research laboratory in Pennsylvania.uberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscape

Mr. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek will work closely with Uber’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan and John Flynn, the chief information security officer. The hacking by the two researchers resulted in Fiat recalling 1.4 million vehicles. Apart from researching mapping and safety, the ride-sharing service has been researching autonomous vehicles at the center. Miller, who worked for security at Twitter, tweeted that he would join Uber on Tuesday.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Valasek are known for bringing the issue of car hacking into focus. During the Black Hat and Def Con conferences, they demonstrated how to control hundreds of cars remotely over the internet and track down their location. They were able to find the speed of the vehicle, control the blinkers, windshield wipers, radios and navigation, and control the brakes and steering in some cases. In the last two years, both were focusing on connecting vehicles due to their increasing popularity.

Last month, Miller said that he had worked for more than 10 years on phone and computers, and this time he wanted to do something his grandmother would understand. Miller added that he also drives cars, and he like to keep them safe. A hardware chip in Fiat Chrysler had a vulnerability, which gave them access to the vehicle’s electronics.

According to Uber’s website, the technology center in Pittsburgh also works on developing hardware systems, identifying system defects and security problems. The company believes that autonomous car technology is still in the early stages and there is scope for research. On Tuesday, Uber hired more than 40 scientists and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, stumbling the world’s top research institution.

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