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Google revamps mobile search to display apps lined up like Play Store

For long, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been working to provide a distinctive look to perform app searches outside the Play Store, and has now brought in a new look for the same. The app store-like design features Google’s material design scheme that has been incorporated into its mobile services.google-app-search

Earlier, apps used to be displayed in one line with a link to see “more” apps, but the new look displays them in a grid-like pattern, similar to the app store. The apps in a grid format, with three apps across, the app icon, name, rating, downloads and price of the app. Google is hoping that the new colorful design will increase discoverability and engagement with users. The change was noticed by Android Police and other websites, but Google did not provide an official announcement.

Some Android users are yet to receive the change, indicating that Google is still rolling out the new design. Google has been increasingly integrating mobile applications into Google search results due to the increase in mobile users. In April, users were prompted to install apps featuring content similar to user’s search query. The company also rolled out a similar features to iOS in May, but it will be displayed in the line format, instead of the colorful grid.

The tiled grid allows users to see uneven icon designs throughout the Play Store as they differ in size, shape, with their edges being sharp or round. Android users can see the results by searching “apps” from its search engine. However, the only disadvantage is that the previous app results used to show a brief description of individual apps. The upgrade is on the server side, so users will not need to update the applications on mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

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