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Are you facing “No contact with EA Online” error while playing Battlefield 4?

It seems Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 (maybe other games too) servers facing downtime or connectivity issues as many users facing the error – “No contact with EA Online” right now at the time of writing this post.battlefield-4-no-connect-ea-online

This isn’t the first time, earlier many gamers face “Error: No contact with EA Online. Please try again” error when connecting to the online servers to play the Battlefield 4 shooter game. Some users even getting the “Could not join server” and “Something went wrong” errors.

According to a user:

I keep trying to connect to a server, but it says Error. No contact with EA Online. Please try again later all the time. Every other server also says the same. I am using chrome to open battlelog. I bought premium for a reason and I hope this will be fixed. I am playing on SEA server and I am disgusted by how many problems there are. First with the no contact, then the plugin problem and other buggy server issues. I don’t think my internet is the problem because I can play any other game just fine. Please fix this so I can play the game without being a keyboard warrior trying to find answers.

Last year in September thousands of users across the world faced the same problem when playing Battlefield 4 (even Battlefield 3), but the company released a small update to the online game that quickly resolved everything pertaining to that problem. We hope EA will resolve this issue quickly as well.

Meanwhile, we guess this problem is related to the BF4 Night Operations and the Summer Patch to be released on September 1. According to the official announcement, the Summer Patch will be rolled out on all platforms worldwide on September 1 along with the BF4 Night Operations. European PS4/PS3 users will have to wait until September 8 to get the BF4 Night Operations update.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue.

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  1. after the update ,the hardcore servers are gone. not hardcored any more. i show "no servers found" in any mode or with any numbers of people. this summer patch was very bad because i only play hardcore, that was the end of battlefield 4 for me ……..

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