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New Google Maps Feature To Allow Users To Upload Photos

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has just rolled a new feature for its Maps app. The feature will pop up a notification asking you to upload a recent photo. Like you’re sitting in a restaurant, the feature will pop up for you to upload photos of the place to Google Maps.google-maps-photo-notification

However, the one thing that binds this is effective Search engine optimization and I’ve been able to get two of these started with less than $1000, taken the amazon site to mid $x,xxx and I’m getting ~200 fresh leads per month for the service site. The search engine giant hasn’t given a name to the feature yet, but as far as we think it will have something related to food.

A Google help page has already described the feature: “These notifications show up after you’ve taken a photo in public places that Google thinks are interesting to other people, like restaurants and bars. To get these notifications, you need Location History turned on.”

Right now, we don’t what Google would do with all this data as the company hasn’t commented on the same. Looks like the photos taken via this feature will end up in the public “Places” database of Google Maps—a feature which allows reviews similar to food site Yelp. Now, even when Maps app is installed on far more devices, courtesy to the Google Core Apps Bundle, Yelp enjoys way data than the search giant when it comes to food reviews. With this new feature, it looks like Google is trying to utilize the huge user base of Maps by asking users to upload photos.

Earlier this year, Google’s initial attempt at letting users take photos of food and post them was through ‘Tablescape’. Google then shuts down the Tablescape feature, without giving a reason. But now it seems that the company yet haven’t thought of giving up food photography.

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