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Android Runtime, debuts in KitKat to improve app speed and more

One secret of Google’s Android development has been unveiled, which is Android Runtime (ART), a little change in place of Dalvik to improve the speed of Android apps.

Android Runtime on a Google Nexus 5 device running on Android KitKat
Android Runtime on a Google Nexus 5 device running on Android KitKat

Google engineers have been working on development of ART for more than 2 years. Android Runtime will replace Dalvik and it will completely change the way of running apps on Android smartphones. ART uses the Ahead Of Time (AOT) process, which will pre-compile the bycode into the system language at the moment of an app is being installed, making them in essence native apps. Whereas, Dalvik’s runtime uses the Just In Time (JIT) compiler to interpret bycode that is a partial of the original app code. Currently Dalvik is responsible for running apps on Android devices.

ART aims to eliminate the interpreter between the application codes and Android to decease the startup times of apps. As ART is not perfectly ready, now the only way you can see ART option is only on Android 4.4 KitKat devices, currently on Nexus 5, where you can choose the ART instead of Dalvik by going to Settings > Developer options > and Selecting runtime.

If you chose the ART in runtime, the system needs a reboot and it will take 10 minutes to boot all apps freshly. If you try to run ART on AOSP builds of Android KitKat, your Android device will be bricked, so keep that in mind. It’s better to wait for the official Android KitKat on your device to check this feature. Despite most of the apps will start quicker after changing the runtime, Google hasn’t revealed it officially, so it is better to wait for the stable and even faster version.

One small drawback of the Android Runtime is, it takes longer time while installing each new apps. This would be a hefty process, if you are reinstalling everything (including tons of apps) from your backups. Selecting ART will also consume more App space in your storage up to 20% more as the bycode will be readily compiled while the installation of apps. The enhancement of battery life as well as faster multitasking could be possible, if Google further focuses on this program. For more details, you should headover to the source link below.

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