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Apple to open manufacturing plant in Arizona with 2000 jobs, partnering with GT Advanced Technologies

Apple Inc will open a manufacturing plant in Arizona to produce components for its products in partnership with the mineral crystal specialist GT Advanced Technologies Inc.


Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer said in the statement on Monday that this project of Apple will create 2000 jobs, including 700 manufacturing jobs and 1300 construction and associated jobs in Mesa, Arizona.

Although Apple has confirmed the news, it didn’t said exactly which components would be made at the new plants. Above said GT Advanced Technologies are specialized in crystal growth equipment for electronics and other areas. GT has signed a multi-year supply agreement with Apple to supply sapphire material, which can be found in watches, integrated circuits and optical instruments. Few rumors also suggests that Apple would be using the sapphire crystal on its screens.

GT said that it will own and operate the factories to manufacture sapphire material, whereas Apple Inc. will be owning the Arizona units. Apple will be giving around $578 million prepayment, which should be returned over 5 years from 2015 onwards.

Reuters posted in the blog post:

Apple’s push to create jobs in the United States comes after scrutiny of its massive overseas cash reserves and conditions for workers at contract manufacturer facilities it uses in China.

This will be the next big good news as the companies are willing to start manufacturing factories in United States, previously, Google’s Motorola division setup plants to assemble its Moto X smartphones, which is also located in the same state. Earlier, Apple also announced its plans to manufacture computers in Austin, Texas.

In September, Wal-Mart revealed a campaign, which is focused on buying more goods made in home soil, i.e., U.S. Even some big corporations like GE and Caterpillar are constantly shifting some of their production units back to U.S.

GT’s shares jumped around 22% to $10.24 in extended trading after the announcement made last day, after closing at $8.38 in NYSE, whereas Apple jumped 1.3 percent to $526.75, paring this year’s decline to 1 percent.


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