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Google to remove many bloatware since Marshmallow

If there’s something every smartphone user hates, it is useless bloatware that most of the phones come with. It is very frustrating to get a new device and find pre-loaded apps on it which you have no use of and you couldn’t even delete them. There is good news on this front now as Google has announced that the upcoming Android devices won’t come with as much bloatware as they now come.android-bloatware-marshmallow

Pre-insalled apps or bloatware tend to eat up a lot of default internal storage offered by smartphone manufacturers. However, Google has now relaxed its requirements about which apps have to be permanently installed which means apps like Google+, Play games, Play Books, and Newsstand will no longer come pre-installed.

OEMs will still be required to install important apps such as Gmail, Maps, Google Search, Chrome and Play Store. And if you want to install the other apps which are not included in this, you can still get them from the Play Store app market.

In the previous Android versions, if a mobile manufacturer included one single Google application to their default list, such as Gmail, they had to install Google’s entire app bundle. It’s how phones end up with certain apps that are useless and yet still cannot be uninstalled by user without gaining root permissions. The new version of Android will change that.

This new bloatware free Android will start from the next upcoming version Marshmallow. But if you all have smartphones that don’t run stock Android and are made by companies such as Samsung and LG which are infamous for jam-packing their devices with OEM apps, the new update might make no difference. On the other hand, Nexus devices and devices from manufacturers like Motorola will surely benefit from this move.

So this is win-win for both manufacturers and end users alike.

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  1. The main bloatware offenders are not Google.

    It's the network providers and the handset manufacturers.

    I'd be perfectly happy if all the Samsung and Sprint junk were to fall off next update.

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