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CEO Elon Musk acquires 82,645 shares in Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) stock

This week, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission of USA that it had acquired total 82645 shares at an average rate of $242 each share and the overall deal is worth 20,000,090 dollars.Toyota Says It's Not Considering Additional Tesla Investment

The sarcastic fact is that, on Friday it could not stop the Palo Alto automaker from taking a huge hit in trading as it is reported that the Tesla share was down by 3.9% on the same day. The World trade is fluctuating too much for the last few days, due to China’s economy, which holds a vast part. In fact, Friday was one of the chaotic days in the World Trade market, as almost all major world markets fell due to the same reason.

Product ranges of Tesla Motors ranges comprise of Model S and Tesla Roadster, while the company manufactures powertrain parts, designs, batteries and develops- designs- makes- sells automobiles. For making the vehicle powertrain parts, the company uses manufacturing tricks along with energy management tricks, while it is also engaged in the development and manufacturing of energy storage products.

According to statistical and economic experts, Tesla currently has a trading volume of about 5248850 shares with the market capitalization of 29.59 billion dollars. The recent statistics of Tesla company stock movement are quite interesting as well as stable with average moving of $259.50 for 50 days and $232.82 for 200 days, while the highest and lowest rates are $291.42 and $181.40, respectively.

Monday’s reports state that Tesla’s price target is of 266.59 dollars and rating is changed from “strong buy” to “buy” as recent analyst forecasts show number crunchers sticking under ratings “overweight” or “buy”.

But this price target is a bit contradictory, because some other resources point that Deutsche Bank and Tesla had set $245 as a target. In the meanwhile, on 27th April Credit Suisse set the price objective of Tesla Company at $290, while Vetr set it at $263.35.

The least target set by Tesla was reported on 29th April by Barclays as $190. Companies keep these numbers as much secret as possible, nothing can be confirmed and both the sources are reliable. A point, which can be noted is these figures are just estimates. However, both the documents agree about the shift of rating to “buy”. This Friday at NASDAQ, Tesla shares opened at $230.77 with capital stock of worth $29.34 billion.

The last updated on the Tesla website tells us that the company reported, against an estimate of $0.60, the company ran with an EPS of $0.48 and the revenue stood at $1.2 billion against that of $1.16 billion for the quarter.

 Last year, Tesla EPS was recorded as $0.11 only and this year it reflects a straight 39.6% increment and that also for the quarter, while the estimated EPS for the financial year is expected as $0.87.


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