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Tweets in Google search results comes to desktop as well

Back in May 2015, the search giant Google announced a partnership with Twitter where tweets were integrated into Google search results. Back then, this integration was limited to Google search app on Android and iOS devices. Now, their partnership, placing tweets in online search results has been extended to desktop.twitter-in-google-search-results

The confirmation came via a Twitter conversation between both companies. “Hey @twitter, Search party at your place. Meet us on desktop?” tweeted Google to which Twitter replied “You got it, @google. We’ll bring the tweets.”

Twitter right now is going through many changes as the company recently upgraded the security measures and also got rid of the 140-charecter limit. And now, they’re going to use Google as an indirect advertising platform.

This move will help Twitter greatly as the company is having a hard time right now. Twitter’s users as well as stocks both are declining. Twitter believes that this move is going to help them in improving user engagement. Even users who don’t use Twitter are now going to be able to see tweets and search through them.

So now when you search something like Eminem on Google, you will also be showing the twitter updates by the rap artist and also tweets by other relevant to the search. The integration is still in infancy, so Google is constantly updating the search algorithm for better and relevant search results.

“It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening,” Google’s Ardan Arac said in May on the new partnership. This Friday, he said “We’ve extended this to desktop now too and in English everywhere”

Both the companies had signed an agreement similar to this one back in 2009 as well. That agreement, however, ended in after 2 years in 2011 and none of the companies gave details on why the deal couldn’t work out.

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