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Candy Crush Saga – Win $500 at Foap contest or Win an exciting candy trip to New York

King.com, the maker of Candy Crush Saga game seems to be in mood of a different approach of marketing with attractive and exciting contests, which can earn you $500 via a Foap mission or win a Candy Crush style trip to New York with trolley full of candies. Read the rest of the story for complete details.


Candy Crush Saga is the most addictive game on smartphones, after the Angry Birds era. It’s a different story about the recently launched Plants vs Zombies 2 game, which seems much more addictive than any other games, but the hefty 180MB game file is a drawback in order to get to the mass.

Rovio, creator of Angry Birds series, not only made revenue via its game apps, but also it turned into offline earning by releasing merchandises as well as co-products. King.com is already prepared for the Christmas season by releasing their Candy Crush branded candies and sweets at Dylans Candy Bar. To market its game brand, it has started to host series of contests at most of the mediums and places. Let’s see the details of the 2 attractive contest details.

Candy Crush Saga Foap Mission:

Screenshot of Candy Crush Saga contest on Foap app
Screenshot of Candy Crush Saga contest on Foap app

King.com has hosted the Candy Crush Saga Photo Mission on Foap with the reward of $500, with the title “Where do you play?” The mission states like this:

Have you played Candy Crush – the world’s biggest mobile game? Great! Take on this delicious mission and show us where you play Candy! So, where do you play? On the back of a horse or at the top of the Eiffel Tower? While skydiving or watching spectacular sunset? Submit a photo of your Candy Crush mobile device and its surroundings and you could be the sweet winner!

You might know about Foap mobile app, which can earn you some money by selling your photos. First launched for iPhone photography, Foap later expanded to other platforms as well. It has a section called Foap Missions, where companies and brands post a mission with the rewards for the users who participate. Foap user have to take photos related to the Mission details and highest rated or selected photo owner will get the rewards in terms of money, in Candy’s case, it’s $500.

This contest started on 2nd November and it will be ending in 13 days from today. Already more than 200 photos submitted, you could be the winner, just join the mission on Foap app now. Download Foap from iOS App Store for iPhones and from Google Play Store for Android phones.

Candy Crush Send Me to New York Contest:


You need to take the print of their Take Me to New York banner and upload the photo in different and creative location (They said, Find the most interesting and bizarre place to pose) holding the banner similar to these photos. The owner of the winning photo will get the prize as a New York trip with a friend, which includes 3 night’s accommodation as well as $1000 cash to spend in the city.

Additionally, the top 20 winners will also receive “special hamper full of our new Candy Crush candy.” To participate in this contest, visit this webpage.

This contest will be closing on 7th November, i.e., tomorrow and the winners must be able to travel on specified dates in November or December 2013.

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