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Pluto is still in its youth and growing, reveals new images by New Horizons

The recent images from NASA’s New Horizon’s studies the amazing terrain inside Pluto and revealed that the little planet might still be developing. These images suggest the diverse range of features on Pluto’s surface and an atmosphere subjugated by nitrogen gas. However, the lesser mass of the planet allows thousands of tons of atmospheric nitrogen to pass into the space each hour.new-horizons-pluto-nasa

The spacecraft has captured images of Pluto’s surface and its atmosphere. The fact that Pluto’s surface is smooth and icy shows that Pluto might still be forming shape.

The image is the first ever close-up screening an enormous, craterless plain that is seemingly more than 100 million years old, NASA confirmed Friday. The region that is completely frozen seems to be still undergoing a shape formation by geologic processes, according to the space agency.

Alan Stern, principal investigator for the spacecraft stated that he was utterly surprised to realize that the long established concept of Pluto being an old planet was entirely wrong.

Pluto even claims gigantic peaks called “Norgay Montes” in honor of Tenzing Norgay, who is the only one of the first two people to stretch the mark to the summit of Mount Everest.

The enormous ice mountains of Pluto signified it to be a dwarf planet that perhaps has an intergalactic Napoleon complex, meaning that water is present there, which scientists have assumed from the very initial stages, but never had the opportunity to prove it.

The sharp and vertical topography indicates that the rock layer that forms those mountains must be of H2O — of water ice, as stated by Stern. Stern also believes that are massive quantity of water present inside the tiny planet.

The probe has now passed Pluto and is moving towards other celestial bodies of rock and ice.

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