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LG G Flex is really flexible -thanks to OLED plastic display [Video]

LG’s recently announced G Flex smartphone can really bend as the company promised and here is the video, which demonstrates the flexibility of already bent device.

LG Unveiled G Flex, a curved smartphone in Korea
LG G Flex – curved and flexible smartphone

We have previously reported about the leaked specifications and later the company itself announced the device in Korean market. Everyone said that the G Flex released to compete with Samsung Galaxy Round and it seems that the device has few more features as well as the flexibility. Galaxy round is a bend phone but it can’t flex itself.

Another notable form factor of both phones – Galaxy Round is horizontally curved, whereas LG G Flex is vertically curved. In LG G Flex, you are provided  the ability to remove the curve by keeping it facedown on a flat surface and push hard downwards. You can also pull down its both ends to bend the phone. The curve of the G Flex is appreciated by analysts and experts for its easy to hold design. The video also shows that the company’s OLED plastic screen is really a flexible one. Beware – don’t bend it with full force, you might crack it.

Initially, LG G Flex will be released to the Korean market starting this month. Check the demonstrating video below:

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