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Are you waiting for Apple iPad Air 3 release? Think again

To get the market during the holiday shopping season, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) was expected to introduce new iPhones and iPads within the next month, but it remained unclear that which model of iPhone or iPad are going to be unveiled particularly. Since the broader tablet market continued to decline at a stretch, Apple has faced six consecutive quarters of declining iPad sales year over year.ipad-air2-features

Most reliable reports suggest that iPad Air 3 will be released after 2015 because Apple’s manufacturers are very busy working on iPad Pro, while other leakers and experts believes that iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 3 will be launched together this year. Rumors of dumping of iPad Air 3 for this year, came like giant waves and covered the whole internet; but, very little can be guessed from rumors and we have to wait and keep patience to see the ultimatum. On the other hand, some leakers believe that the upcoming model is going to be 12.9” iPad Pro.

Taiwanese blog DigiTimes claims that Apple is not planning an iPad Air 3 right now and focusing on the iPhone mini 4. Moreover, some further details were also given in support of the news that iPad Air 3 will not be launched at least this year. The blog further claims that the new will be released, and iPad mini will only have minor upgrades over the current iPad mini, as Apple’s upstream supply chain is busy to ready components for the fourth-generation tablet.

According to the report, the upcoming tablet will be of 7.9” and is likely to be a slimmer version of the previous iPad Air model, supporting split view multi tasking. We cannot put our full faith on DigiTimes and similarly we cannot reject it directly, as it has a mixed track record of reporting Apple’s upcoming product plans.

Mac Otakara, a more reliable Japanese blog in July reported that there are still some hopes for the A9 based iPad Air 3 to be released in 201. So, Apple’s road map remains unclear and could change between forthcoming events.

Investment adviser at Fubon Hardware, Liaoxian Li believes that iPad Air 3 will be unveiled in 2016, while in this year Apple will unveil iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro at once in the traditional iPad event. He further believes that Apple is going to focus on the two larger size iPads in future In and this iPad mini 4 is going to be the very last of the mini race.

A fact worth noting is that though Economic Daily News does not have the best record for Apple news. But, last year it turned the tables by introducing Apple’s new features such as Touch ID in the previous mini model so this time also we can consider Economic Daily’s news leaks.

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