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Men and women deal differently with relationship breakups, study says

According to a research journal published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, men and women have a long history of differences between emotional condition, mental grief, longevity of pain and stress as far as handling relationships are concerned.heartbroken-relationship-breakup

Lead researcher and research associate at Binghamton University, Craig Morris commented that now days women have turned to become choosier while selecting a mate and most of them go for a high quality mate due to the risk of higher biological investment over evolutionary time. Hence, the loss of a relationship with a high quality mate hurts much while, on the other hand the man is likely to deeply feel the loss and for a very long period of time as it sinks in that he must start competing all over again to replace what he had lost.

According to studies more than 85 percent of people experience major breakups at some points of life and most of them experience this before reaching the age 30. If the person, regardless of gender is hurt after this age limit, then the level of psychological distress will be such high that it can ruin daily activities with the amount of stress and brief sadness.

Men and women marked a scale of 1 to 10 for a survey for emotional pain after a breakup as 6.6 and 6.8, where physical pain is marked 3.75 and 4.2, respectively in the survey. Previous studies on the matter suggested the reason of difference as that the men and women have evolved different mating habits, including the way and how they end the relationship.

Women were found to have chosen mates more slowly and carefully because they had to care for any children that came from the match than the men. This is the main reason that women mourn the loss of partner more than the men who on the other hand may be able to seek multiple partners at a time being less attached to each of them.

This survey research was done online and included a much diverse group, which are 5700 people from 96 different countries. 27 is the average age of the respondents to the research. The PRG or post relationship grief comparison study between the genders was somewhat successful. 1490 men and 2834 women agreed that they had a major breakup before 30 after which they were told to dig into those hard memories and answer the rest of the survey’s questions.

Since everyone’s experience is unique and the words of describing feelings and emotion are also different, the first set of questions was set as multiple choice questions and after that, a space was given for relevant explanations and the sets went on likewise.

After checking out all the answers of the survey, it seems that at some point a woman clearly got over a breakup as they will be discussing pain, suffering and misery in great details, whereas on the other hand for men breakups don’t seem to process the same way.

To learn more about surviving breakups, visit Texas Tech University.

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