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Facebook adds ‘Live’ broadcasting feature to public figures with verified Pages

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) unveiled that the company has planned to provide access to its Facebook Mention application, which allows Facebook Live users to follow their public figure through a live video stream on Facebook.facebook-mentions-app

In order to use the Mentions app, the user account should be a verified profile and access will be provided to use the set of features will be granted for those verified users.

Definitely, Facebook Inc knows what it’s doing – started its Live, in order to compete Twitter’s Periscope, and also to challenge YouTube for quick as well as fresh content. In order to verify their account, the Facebook users should fill a form to apply for verification. Also, Facebook Live offers an additional advantage while compared to its rival such as Meerkat and Periscope, which deletes the video after watching it. But, Facebook Live stores the video permanently in your account after watching it also.

Vadim Lavrusik, Product Manager of Facebook posted in the Facebook official blog as,

Live is an immersive and authentic way to connect with the public figures you care about, in real-time. If you don’t catch the live broadcast, you can also watch the video later on the public figure’s Page.

Keep an eye out for live broadcasts from Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Ricardo Kaká, Ashley Tisdale, Lester Holt, Martha Stewart, Michael Bublé and more.

Users whoever recently interact with their post, will be notified by the notification, when the broadcast started. Once the entire video is broadcasted, the video will be stored automatically and it can be watched in future too. The main aim of Facebook is to offer fresh contents, and also offers the real engagement with the users with various live features.

The main reason behind Facebook not avail the Mentions app for everyone is that, Facebook can easily handle the load while testing, and also using celebrities will create a huge impressions among the others, which leads them to verify their accounts too. As of now, Facebook Mentions is only available to public figures with verified Pages, and the app is available only for iPhones.

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