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AT&T strengthens mobile data plans after recent industry developments

AT&T Inc (NASDAQ:T), on Friday, slashed down the price of their mobile data plans and also provides same data limit on each pack as before. The new Mobile Share Value Plans will provide free calling and text messaging to its consumers in Canada and Mexico, who have opted for expensive plans before.att-logo-emblem

There is also good news for DTH users subscribed to AT&T services.  The company announced a limited offer up to $500 credit to AT&T U-verse or DirecTV, who switch to AT&T DTH services.

The wave of new offers is being provided to bear the heat of rival companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. Both T-Mobile and Sprint have been cutting down prices and offering more lucrative packages to consumers. The result is that, initially struggling Sprint has managed to get many consumers on board for their data packages.

 Verizon on the other hand has eliminated service contracts and have been providing data packs at pretty cheap rate. After all, those gore, AT&T had to make sure that their consumers don’t run off to rival companies, thus, slashed down their rates for data packs.

As compared to rival Verizon’s 4 data plans which serve the need of all kinds of its users.  AT&T has a much versatile data plans available. The two of the biggest changes made by AT&T were that, for 20GB plan, user only needs to pay $140, saving $10. Also, initially 10GB for a month, they charged for $100, now one can get 15GB data for same $100.

For DTH services, AT&T now provides with $300 bill credit for each line of DTH that they install, while buying a new smartphone. There is also a Next Plan, which acts like easy EMI for phones. And users can also upgrade to better versions early. Users that trade their smartphone will also get $200 as trade in credit or promotion card.

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