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We’ve crossed the Earth’s yearly budget of natural resources in 9 months

Humanity is constantly hitting new milestones faster than ever. While some of them are good, some are clearly unwanted. We have hit the Overshoot Day and that too in August, according to the Global Footprint Network.earth-natural-resource-overshoot

For starters, Overshoot Day is when we humans consume all the resources that Earth can produce in a year. Hitting the Overshoot Day as early as August is a clear sign that, we are far ahead of the sustainable rate for our planet. In simple words, we have failed miserably to stick to the Earth’s budget for 2015. Back in 2000, the Overshoot day happened in October.

“On the off chance that you think about the entire year as an aggregate spending plan, things being what they are, we have utilized it up by August 13,” said Mathis Wackernagel, President of Global Footprint Network. According to the GFN, by the end of this year, we will have used the resources Earth creates in one-and-half years.

“We burn through 1.62 times what Earth can replenish” said Wackernagel. “Like with cash, you can dunk into your legacy or your reserve funds for a period, yet just a certain measure of time.”

The sustainable limit was breached this Thursday and it has some major implications which will surely affect affect humanity down the road. As the resources of Earth are getting consumed faster than ever, we are emitting more greenhouse gases like Carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere than it can absorb, resulting in climate changes and other problems.

“As we continue to clearcut trees, burn fossil fuels and consume wild animals, the Earth can’t keep up,” said Leigh Moyer, the Center’s population organizer. “We see evidence of this in shrinking habitat, the global climate crisis and crashes in wildlife populations. We’re blowing through nature’s capital, and wildlife and the planet are suffering for it.”

According to the report, deforestation, drought, soil erosion, biodiversity loss, and a lack of fresh water are all part of the depletion and we are pushing the Earth into ‘red zone’ as we overspend the Earth’s resources each year.

The Earth Overshoot Day was created to make people aware of the abuse we human beings are doing to the planet. As our population is expected to reach 100 billion by 2100 according to the UN, we need to think more about the implications seriously. If the world doesn’t take action, the Earth Overshoot Day will move up to June, says GFN.

“Assuming Carbon emissions are reduced by at least 30 percent below today’s levels by 2030, Earth Overshoot Day could be moved back to September 16, 2030.” writes the GFN.

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