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Mozilla tests a true private browsing mode in Firefox (+video)

Finally, Mozilla wants to make private browsing as truly a private one. Currently, the company is testing to enhance the private browsing option found in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which is designed to block third party cookies or any elements, which tracks user’s activity on the web browser.firefox-private-browsing

Most of the browser comes with option “Do Not Track”, which allows the users to block certain web elements from the websites, and few of the companies don’t honor the same. This motivated Mozilla to design a tool which purely blocks third party tracking elements, ad networks and so on. The tool is currently available for Firefox Developer Edition for major operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux and also for Android in Firefox Aurora.

In Mozilla blog post, the company has mentioned as,

All major browsers offer some form of experience that is labeled ‘private’ but this is typically intended to solve the “local” privacy case, namely preventing others on a shared computer from seeing traces of your online activity. This is a useful solution for many users, but we’re experimenting with ways to offer you even more control when they open Private windows.

As of now, the tool is in prebeta version and in future version; the tool will be incorporated in the main browser itself. Mozilla also suggested that, this tool might cause some issue while loading data of some “data-hungry websites,” users can unblock those specific sites, if they wanted to.

The Private Browsing tool will help the users to identify unsafe add-ons and let the users to remove it or also helps them to identify add-ons which collect their information. Block webtracking might slow-down the business of targeted ads. In the meanwhile, there are lots of ad-blocking software are already available in the internet, and this tool might become one among them.

Check out this video to know more about Firefox Private Mode:

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  1. It's a good initiative. But it should be mixed with anonymity tools. They are not meant to provide anonymity. For anonymity VPNs like Ivacy VPN should be used.

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