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Dallas suburb witnesses a massive communal spider web

A scientist (entomologist) at the Texas A & M University has discovered a large communal spider web in the suburbs of Dallas. According to the reports, thousands of spiders have found the web as their home and have created a large web beyond imagination.spider-web-dallas

The Communal Web is so huge that it is draping the nearby trees as well. According to the scientists, communal gathering of spiders is not a common incident, leaving aside the instance of such magnanimous proportions.

The last time such a rare scene was seen in the year 2007 in Lake Takwoni in Texas. According to the scientists, Spiders are to a certain extent loner. They love moving around single except for rare instances. Only the spiders belonging to the Tetragnatjhidae family are known to have any sort of affinity to its own family members. The spiders of the Tetragnatjhidae family are only capable of building such huge network of web.

Mike Merchant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban entomologist in Dallas, said in a statement:

“CA Roan Drive is a quiet stretch of road running through Lakeside Park South in the Dallas suburb of Rowlett. But in the trees along a football field-length stretch of the drive, the spiders have been taking over. Someone stepping off the road for a closer look will see thousands of lanky spiders darting among the webs that extend up to 40 feet into the trees. There is a surreal quality to the extensive webbing covering these trees.”

Mike Merchant, an urban entomologist at TAMU AgriLife Extension Service states that the spider web covering the trees in Dallas is as large as a football field. In the past, there have been instances where the spiders of the Tetragnatjhidae family have constructed such web in collaboration with other members of the family.

He also added that the spiders living in the communal web are posing no risk to the individuals living near the area. According to the scientists, the spiders living in a communal colony do not generally tend to harm humans.

The Scientists also added that such communal webs are created at the right point of time due to reasons which are still not completely understood by mankind. They also added that the Communal web must be treated as a thing of beauty rather than fearing it.

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