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Windows RT 8.1 Update 3: New start menu, lock screen on the way

A few weeks ago, there were revelations that Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 would introduce the Start menu on Windows RT devices along with other minor improvements. The Start Menu is indeed coming to Windows RT devices along with an improved lock screen in the Update 3, as confirmed by Microsoft today.windows-rt-8.1-update-3

Microsoft updated it’s Windows 10 FAQ page with more details regarding the update for Windows RT devices. According to Microsoft, “If you’re running Windows RT, your device won’t upgrade to Windows 10. We will have an update available in September 2015 that will improve the Start men and lock screen. Check Windows Update on your Windows RT device to make sure it is ready to download the update when it’s available.”

The Start menu coming to Windows RT in the update is based upon the DirectUI Start menu found in the early Windows 10 Technical Preview builds, instead of the one found in Windows 10 RTM. This is due to the fact the DirectUI Start menu is built upon 8.1 code and APIs while the new Start Menu in Windows 10 RTM is built using the Windows 10 specific APIs.

The update is planned to launch this September for all the Windows RT devices. This update is likely to be the last update Windows RT receives before it runs out of support as Windows RT is a dead platform.

So are you still running Windows RT? Are these promised updates enough for you or would you like to see Windows 10 on those ARM devices? Let us know of your thoughts. We’ll keep you posted on any further updates.

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