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LOL is officially dethroned By HAHA, says a Facebook study

Apparently, the online world is not LOLing anymore, they HAHA instead. According to a recent e-laughing study done by Facebook, LOL is not popular anymore. The word has instead been replaced by range of other lingo like ‘haha’, ‘hehe’, and emoji. According to researchers, the lingo used varied greatly depending on demographics like age, gender and location.lol-haha-hehe-emoji-facebook

Researchers at Facebook studied posts and comments posted on the social networking site in the last week of May with atleast one string of characters matching laughter. Researchers, in a blog post, said “We did matching with regular expressions which automatically identified laughter in the text, including variants of haha, hehe, emoji, and lol.” They found out that laughter is very common on the site with nearly 15% people including laughter in their posts or comments.

According to the study most of the people used ‘haha’ (51.4 percent) followed by emoji users (33.7 percent). Next in the line is ‘hehe’ (12.7 percent) and finally ‘LOL’ (1.9 percent) being the least popular. Demographics also played a role as according to the study, young people and women used emoji more while men used ‘hehe’. People in New York and Chicago preferred emoji while people in San Francisco and Seattle preferred ‘haha’ more.

The researchers at Facebook undertook the study after an article on e-laughter by Sarah Larson on The New Yorker. According to the article, people used ‘haha’ according to the level of laughter with ‘haha’ meaning low level laughter and ‘hahahaha’ meaning extreme laughter. So there ‘haha’ has many variants including variations in its length and even ‘hhhhhhaaahha’. Lol was found to pretty much lol everywhere with very rare usage of lolz or lolx.


Researchers also said “A single emoji is used 50 percent of the time, and it’s quite rare to see people use more than 5 identical consecutive emoji.”

So LOL is officially dead now. Hahahaha.

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