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Ebola Survivors of Western Africa suffering from chronic ailments

Ebola has already claimed more lives than any other recent disease in the countries of Western Africa. But, the people still do not have the respite as the experts are suggesting that the individuals who had survived the Ebola attack are facing a few chronic conditions now.ebola-survivor

The experts also added that the individuals who suffered the most and still fought the disease to stay alive are the ones who are more prone to the chronic conditions. Approximately 13,000 individuals survived the infection after Ebola claimed thousands of lives in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

According to the reports, the survivors have been diagnosed with chronic conditions like eye inflammation leading to blindness, joint pain leading to further issues with the bones. The statistics state that approximately 50% of the survivors are presently suffering from joint pain, while 25% of the survivors have reported severe eye inflammation. The doctors are fearful of the fact that these chronic sufferings can lead to a huge impact on the survivors.

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Most of the diagnosed survivors with eye inflammation have also reported issues like impaired vision and in some instances even partial or complete blindness. Apart from these, the doctors have also claimed that literally all the survivors are suffering from increased rate of depression and social exclusion. There is no such guarantee that the individuals will not start developing symptoms of mental disorder any time soon.

It has been seen in the past as well, where the survivors of a large spread disease have suffered from various mental complexities after fighting of the disease itself. Some doctors believe that the 2014 Ebola virus outburst can have more catastrophic effects.

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