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Google Inc’s Project Fi, most affordable mobile plan?

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is the backbone of today’s digital lives and its agenda has always been very clear – Enter a new market and then dominate it. It is pretty evident from all the acquisitions, Google does on a regular basis. They want their damn hand in everything. Now  it seems like the search giant is trying to enter the telecom market with its latest big-budget Project Fi.google-project-fi

Project Fi, announced by Google in April, offers its subscribers to make phone calls, send text messages and surf the web on their Nexus 6 smartphones. So basically it is just another telecom service or is it? The main difference here is that Google will use Wi-Fi as the default communication method for voice and data here.

So in simple terms, Project Fi is like Wi-Fi network for your Nexus 6 everywhere. It is similar to the average Wi-Fi you set up at home. Google has also partnered with T-Mobile and Sprint to use their network. So in case the Wi-Fi signal gets lost or is too weak, your device will automatically switch to the T-Mobile or Sprint’s cellular network. You do not have to do anything manually, the device will automatically choose the fastest network available.

To avail the service, you must have Motorola Nexus 6 device. If you have it, you are good to go. Next, you have to request an invite using a gmail address. Once you receive the invite from Google, you will be linked to the sign-in website to feed the ZIP code. You can also transfer the current number, or get a new number. The same number will be live on the cloud as the Google Voice number from which you can make phone calls from other devices as well.

The minimum monthly rate for the service is $20 plus taxes and fees which include Wi-Fi tethering, unlimited calls and messaging in the US and unlimited international texting. Data will cost another $10 per month for 1GB data. If you end up not using the data, Google will refund that in the next bill.

The service won’t require an annual contract. The service seems quite promising. But right now the service is only exclusive to Nexus 6. Google is promising its Project Fi for other devices in the future, but it hasn’t specified which ones. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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