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Apple Inc (AAPL) releases iOS9 Public Beta 3 and Developer Beta 5

This is the first time ever that Apple is allowing the public to participate in the beta testing of its forthcoming version of its mobile operating system iOS 9. And now the company has pushed out the new beta release, iOS9 Public Beta 3.apple-ios9-wifi-calling-update

Unlike the previous release iOS 9 Public Beta 2 which only introduced under-the-hood bug fixes and speed enhancements, this version is introducing some actual features. The Beta 3 release also includes many performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Talking about the big features, the first one is the WiFi calling. Now iOS 9 users can make calls on the WiFi. Previously this feature was only available to T-Mobile users.  Now this feature will roll out to AT&T users too. But keep in mind, while Apple has updated the release with this feature, AT&T still is not ready. They will be ready by the end of this year. If you are on other networks, you may not be able to use this. Although, Apple may eventually roll this feature to other carriers later.

The next big feature that’s rolling out with this release is the WiFi Assist. What it means is that when your WiFi network gets slow enough, the phone will automatically switch to a mobile data plan making it convenient for the user. So now you don’t need to manually switch to mobile data every time the WiFi signal gets weaker. The device will automatically do that.

Along with these two features and slew of other minor ones like updates to the keyboard app, Apple is also including 15 new wallpapers with this release.

Apple has also released the iOS9 Developer Beta 5. The Developer Betas are only available to those who have signed up for the $99 Apple Developer Program.

You have to keep in mind that these beta releases are prone to bugs. So you should not use this versions on your primary device or daily driver.

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