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Google Maps iOS app updated with “Night Mode” to navigate in the dark

The Google Maps iOS application is all set to amaze its users with a new update to its previous version, which will help you to find your way through unknown and unidentified places, and will also count for a safer ride while you’re behind the wheels. It’s a new feature, apparently introduces the night mode, which opts for a darker display over the obtrusive white one that’s the much-known signature for the Google Maps.google-maps-night-mode

The main focus to behind adding this feature to the Google maps was to save your eyes from the pain caused by constant switching of brightness between the dark and the bright display repeatedly and that’ll also aid a better night vision.

No doubt that the Night mode facet will make our lives easier, whether it comes to people who are not familiar with to where the upcoming road is going to lead us or the drivers who can hardly take themselves off the road, as it is their daily butter and bread and who presently rely on the app instead solely.

The Night Mode will get activated on its own only during night time and not simply when it’s turned dark inside the room. Supposedly, the feature even possesses the turn-by-turn navigation mode, which will turn itself on only when it’s needed, all you need to do is update to the latest version of Google Maps and that’s it.

However, it is not a major enhancement, it primarily includes a whole lot of new and interesting features like to be able to tag places to see them on your map and the search suggestions that allow you to edit the captions of your uploaded photos to Google Maps. The high point of Night Mode is that, this is completely automatic, so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting your phone’s settings to switch it off and on.

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