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Update your Mozilla Firefox browser ASAP

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, then this might be an important new for you. Stop whatever doing in Mozilla and start updating your web browser. Recently, an exploit has been discovered, which has the potential to search you’re the files in your local storage, and upload them to the server located in Ukraine, according to Mozilla’s official blog post, published on last Thursday.mozilla-firefox-windows-10

Mozilla strongly advises its users to update their Firefox version to 39.0.3 or to Firefox ESR 38.1.1.

According to the blog post,

The vulnerability comes from the interaction of the mechanism that enforces JavaScript context separation (the “same origin policy”) and Firefox’s PDF Viewer. Mozilla products that don’t contain the PDF Viewer, such as Firefox for Android, are not vulnerable. The vulnerability does not enable the execution of arbitrary code, but the exploit was able to inject a JavaScript payload into the local file context. This allowed it to search for and upload potentially sensitive local files.

The company said that unnamed Russian news website uses a sort of security vulnerability to search files in your local storage and upload them without any sort of traces on your personal computer. The exploit has discovered only in Linux and Windows, and Mac users are in safer side.

According to the company, the vulnerability comes from collaboration JavaScript context separation and the browser PDF’s viewer. Those browsers, which don’t have built-in PDF viewers are not affected by the bug. Also, users who enabled ad-blocking add-ons on their Mozilla are not affected by the same. In the meantime, the exploits leaves no sort of traces on your personal computer, and you would know anything, even if you’re exploited already.

It is strongly advised to update your Mozilla version to the above mentioned version, and if you’re using Firefox on Linux or, on Windows, kindly change all important passwords and keys for the confidential things. If you want to update your browser manually, you can find it here.

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