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LeapTrade, an online game trading community for PS4, Xbox One and more

Gamers are known to trade their old games for new titles at GameStop, BestBuy or Amazon, or they sell it by themselves on Craiglist. But, they end up receiving a lower price, and paying for new ones. LeapTrade is an online trading community that allows gamers to trade games with each other, anywhere in the United States.Home Page Logged In

LeapTrade users can earn credit by selling their old games, which can be used to purchase new ones, trade a game for a new game or exchange video games exclusively with friends. The online trading community provides free shipping during a purchase of a game, but the shipping prices are applicable when the game is shipped to other users. For games costing $10 or more, the shipping cost is $3.49 (way seven ounces or less), and $2.99 for games costing less than $10 (way seven ounces or less).

“Over the last 3+ years we’ve spent thousands of hours between us coming up with ideas, creating graphics, and developing LeapTrade.com,” said LeapTrade co-founder Tony Caputo.

The trading platform allows three types of trading such as Basic Trade, Instant Trade and Friend 2 Friend Trade. In “Basic Trade,” a game is traded for a LeapTrade Credit. Users will be able to trade a credit for a game only if there is enough credit to cover the value of the game. In “Instant Trade,” a game is exchanged for another game, and no credit is earned. A user with a friend on LeapTrade can exchange a combination of a game and credit or two games for a single game in “Friend 2 Friend Trade.”

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LeapTrade Guarantee protects users from broken shipments, broken discs or any mishaps during the trading process, and the shipment is tracked by the site, to ensure safe trading. The trading system is also constantly monitored to avoid misuse, and a feedback system will ensure the reputation of the user you are dealing with. LeapTrade supports over  15,000 game titles on 24 different platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo DS, PC, Wii and more.

So what makes LeapTrade stand out among other retailers? For instance, retailers like Amazon, BestBuy can provide a maximum of $25 for a game priced at $60 that is only a month old. However, LeapTrade promises to offer 80 percent of the original value of the game. Shipping is directly integrated into LeapTrade, so that they can track it, provide updates, and guarantee all the traders. Though the trading community is now available in the US, it is likely to expand its operations to more locations in the future.

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