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Angry Birds 2 game is coming to desktops/browsers through Poki

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on smartphones. And those of you are aware of the movements of the mobile gaming world must be aware that Rovio has recently launched an official sequel to its hit game, ‘Angry Birds’. The makers believe that Angry Birds 2 is going to be an even bigger hit among the masses. In fact, the trailer has already been a hit and it is just a matter of time, when Angry Birds 2 gets high on the list of most downloaded applications.angry-birds-2-poki

Angry Birds 2 will follow the same basic idea about a flock of varied ‘Angry Birds’ looking to get their revenge on a herd of ‘Snorting Pigs’ but with a twist. The makers have clearly stated that Angry Birds 2 will certainly feed the appetite of individuals who are looking for a bit more from the Angry Birds.

But, as we all know, the game is officially available only for Android devices or iOS devices, which means that the chances of playing Angry Birds 2 on your PC are quite slim. But did I ever say that you cannot play Angry Birds 2 on your PC. Well, as they say it, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. Thanks, to Poki.com you can easily play the game on your PC via your web browser at ease. Poki has already launched many versions of Angry Birds as the browser game.

Angry Birds 2 will be available on Poki.com soon as they provide you with the opportunity to get going with the game. The features available on Poki.com will be exactly the same as the game on any smartphone. Poki also has quite a few other applications and games which will keep you intently busy, while you wait for Rovio to officially launch Angry Birds 2.

Meanwhile, watch this gameplay video:

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