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Users complaining of ‘no sound’ after wake up on Mavericks OS X on MacBooks

The first major bug has been found in Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks, especially on MacBooks and users reported that there is ‘no sound’ after resuming from sleep on the Mavericks running MacBooks.

Bug foud in Mavericks on MacBooks - no sound after wake up
Bug found in Mavericks on MacBooks – no sound after wake up

Apple launched the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free at its Fall event in September and released on the day of iPad launch event on October 22. Since the launch, there has been no bugs found on the Apple’s free desktop operating system, but now comes the issues, which are posted on many major forums, Apple discussion boards and even in Twitter, where users are complaining that their MacBooks have no sound after resuming from sleep mode and they can’t enable the sound later.

Many users also reported that after resuming the system from sleep, a background process in the OS is eating up the processor and it could be related to the “no sound” issue. Users provided the below error details:

28/10/13 03:46:27,000 kernel[0]: Sound assertion in AppleHDAController at line 5460

When we tried to run the Mavericks in the same situation after the upgrade of the OS on latest MacBooks at The Next Digit and many of our authors found the same issue and all of those devices are running on Intel Haswell processor lineups, hence the problem might persists on latest, September released MacBook Air as well as the MacBok Pro with Retina display too.

No permanent solution has been found for this problem. Some experts recommended to reset the PRAM, but it’s dangerous and it can  wipe out the MacBook completely if something goes wrong. However, some users managed to overcome the issue by inserting and removing their headphones and some users found the remedy – restarting the MacBook – but it hasn’t always solved the “no sound” problem in their first try. One user in Apple discussion thread said:

I found one solution that works for me…. I always have my headphones connected to the laptop. If I disconnect them from the laptop before putting it to sleep and then I connect them again after laptop is on again, I have no issues… Not the best solution, but works…

We suggest you to wait for few days, until Apple comes with the permanent fix or any kind of patch or updates to Mavericks. The Next Digit contacted the Apple Mavericks team and waiting for the reply. Stay tuned for more updates and possibly a solution!

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