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Windows 10 or Ransomware: Think before you download

Windows 10 is awesome, at least this is what some of the users are saying and this will for certain make you want to have it as soon as possible. But the advice would be not to go for the emails putting you through to Windows 10 even before the makers have launched the roll out for you. Yes, this is true. According to the reports, many hackers are actually trying to use this situation to force you into using a Ransomware instead of Windows 10, you wish to use.Windows 10 or Ransomware: Think before you download

Microsoft has stated that they have issued a rollout for Windows 10 in 190 countries all across the world, but there are still the exceptions. And if your system falls in the category of the exempted ones, the suggestion would be to wait out for the official rollout. Microsoft has clearly notified in its blog that they have launched Windows 10 but it might just take some time for your PC to get the upgrade notification.

“Many more devices will follow in the coming weeks from a broad range of partners including new devices designed specifically for Windows 10 features like Windows Hello.”


A few reports of false emails providing an upgrade to Windows 10 have been reported. Cisco System Company’s Blog has clearly indicated how scammers are looking forward to take the opportunity. According to the reports, the first look of the email is enough to make you believe that the mail is regarding the upgrade to Windows 10. The scammers are spoofing email id’s to make sure that it looks like that the mail has been sent from Microsoft. In addition, the blue and white color scheme of the emails makes things further difficult to distinguish for the common users.

The mails hold an attachment stating that it has the Windows 10 installer. Instead it has a ransomware named, CTB Locker. It will encrypt all your data on the system and demand for a ransom to be paid within 96 hours or your data will stay encrypted forever. If do not pay the ransom, your system is nothing but a piece of junk.

Cisco as well as many experts in the field believes that there is no way to protect you unless you are aware yourself. Make sure that you do not click on any links that are not from your trusted sources.

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