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Angry Birds 2 game follows Candy Crush Saga’s revenue generation (+review)

‘Angry Birds’ is the free game built by the Rovio for the mobile users. Rovio is not a small name, as it has made it large when it comes to the game developing like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Angry Birds 2 is the stealth game and it will keep you busy all day long. Rovio hit the App stores in 2009 with this raging birds app. Meanwhile, all these years in the middle he has developed eleven chapters of this game, one crossover (with Sonic the Hedgehog), and three spin offs.angry-birds-2-game

Rovio tried many things in these 6 years and built many chapters of this game along with cutting the ropes. The company has improved the interface, game play, and added many exciting features to make this game the epic one. The game developer also bought Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Go! But, after all these, it has officially released the sequel of the Angry Birds entitled as Angry Birds 2.

Rovio has given all his capabilities and talent in this sequel to make it the best game of all the predecessors. The game play has the in-depth design and the smooth animations will just involve you in the game. But, when you defeat the Boss Piggy, the pig flies to the right into your screen, which adds the depth of the game in your screen.

The game levels are finally divided into the stages, and you can move to the next level only if you clear the first level. This will not bore you off and it will keep your adrenaline running. Like Angry Birds Star Wars II, you can choose the bird to shoot towards the Boss Piggy. It doesn’t mean much at the initial levels, but when you move to the higher levels you have to make the strategies as you have to start all over again if you lose the level.


Angry birds 2 come with various spells which will keep you much into the game. The Golden duck spell will destroy everything right in front of your screen. Freeze spell will freeze the things into ice, which will become easier to break. Also, they will behave like power ups which will work as havoc with the pigs.

You will get the total of five lives. So, you have to use the lives and if you fail, the lives will be exhausted. So, you have to wait for another 30 minutes to fill the life bar. Rovio has followed the footsteps of the game-maker King to earn some money. If you make some progress in the game, then you have to spend some money to move on to the next level, similar to King’s super hit game Candy Crush Saga. If you can’t wait for the lives, you can buy it from the Play Store.

Angry Birds 2 Gameplay Trailer Video:

For the people who have played the in-barrier Angry Birds, the Angry Birds 2 will be a small disappointment to spend some money or to wait for the extra lives.

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