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Pinterest is trying out new ways to increase diversity

Pinterest is the photo sharing social media platform which has received over $1.3 billion funding and the company is worth of $11 billion. The latest news of Pinterest is, it’s trying out new ways to increase their diversity in its working environment in terms of gender and race.pinterest-workforce-diversity

According to the blog post by co-founder and chief creative officer Evan Sharp, the company will be hiring more women and minorities to increase the diversity in their working environment.

The above image is of Pinterest’s last year’s Workforce Diversity Report.

They made this information public just because many people from different backgrounds will help the company to fulfill their pledge to increase the diversity. Like other tech companies, the half of the company is dominated by white people and 49 percent of people are Asian. The minorities are just 1% in the company.

When we see in the women aspect, only 42% of the women are working in the tech companies and the other part of the percent is dominated by the men. So, Pinterest is taking one step ahead than other companies to increase the diversity by hiring more women and minority people. But, the diversity statistics are quite low and many civil rights are hitting Silicon Valley to increase the overall diversity.

Pinterest has the past record in increasing the diversity

Pinterest is not doing this movement first time; they have done it in the past also. An engineer from Pinterest, called many top notch companies to release the diversity statistics in a blog posted on Medium. And in 2014, many top notch companies like Apple, Facebook and Google participated in this movement and released the reports of the diversity of their company. When the reports were out it was clearly seen that still white people are dominating.

Pinterest stated:

We’ve made some modest progress over the past year, with our number of female employees growing from 40% to 42%, engineering interns increasing from 32% to 36% female, and women engineers hired out of school increasing from 28% to 33%. But we have more work to do to increase the number of employees from all underrepresented backgrounds, which is why we’re setting goals and taking the steps.

Pinterest has a saying: “If you don’t reassure it, you don’t mean it.” Pinterest has welcomed their existing employees to fulfill the pledge of the company. They want the company should be free from cultural breed difference and they have started the hunt of the technical and non technical staff to overcome the diversity differences.


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