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Google Inc reportedly distributes enterprise edition of Google Glass

Google, Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is reportedly working on an “Enterprise Edition” or EE of its Google Glass that will be released to business users. The consumer version Google Glass 2 will be released only next year, but prototypes of the new version are already being distributed to people in healthcare and manufacturing industries.google-glass-enterprise-edition

Though Google Glass makes a comeback, the device is aimed at hands-free usage in manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. The new version will look quite similar to the earlier one with practical design for the workplace. The wire-like frame has been replaced by button-and-hinge system, according to sources. The new glass can be attached to any glasses that you are wearing, and the display can be moved in any direction. The new version offers better battery life that can connect magnetically and a faster Intel processor.

Google is reportedly working with developers and businesses to come up with productive and creative applications for the workplace. Google Glass allows users to view digital content in a real world environment, and it faces backlash for its ability to record videos without others noticing. The search-engine giant invited developers to join the Google Glass program, and any business could buy a kit for $1,500. Some of the features include surfing the web, asking questions and can be paired with a smartphone.

The company has opted for a quiet approach as compared to the launch of the first Glass, Explorer Edition. The new device will also be more rugged, waterproof and will be distributed through the “Glass for Work” program. For instance, doctors can continue looking at their patient, without having to look at the clipboard or for technicians to look for instructions during industrial work. The high-price and the privacy problems brought down the popularity of Google Glass among consumers.

Earlier in the month of June, a Google device called “A4R-GG1″ was passed through the FCC test, which was predicted to be the enterprise edition of Google Glass. This device has support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi on both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands.

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